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The nicest people I’ve ever met were covered in tattoos and piercings and the most judgemental people I’ve ever met are the ones that go to church every Sunday.

--Unknown   (via intensional)

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So to get to 51% of the electorate the Republicans are going to have to pull some votes from previously offended demographics.

the greatest part of yesterdays episode. now wheres the womens part?





She kills it every single time on that show. Every. Single. Time. 


Inspired entirely by and lyrics pulled from this post.


Driver, lower my tuition please.
Driver, lower my tuition please.
I don have enough money for my basic needs.
Working 40+ hours just to pay my rent
Now I don’t even have a single cent
Tuition is high, I gotta pay for books
Oh I’m so broke . I don’t wanna look
I popped open my wallet, no funds to count
My credit declined and my check just bounced
Oh, there daddy, daddy betta bring that TAP
Oh, baby, baby where my FASFA at?
Gon’ take 45 years to pay off all dis debt
And I ain’t even finished college yet
Took all my money… I just want to get a decent credit score, a decent credit score
Took all my money .. I can’t even pay this interest no more, pay this interest no more
This debt gon kill me

My current life situation right now… Broke uni student at its fullest!



Source: Truths You Won’t Believe

Debunking more lies and racist misinformation about black men. Stop the ignorance and start to question why these myths exist in the first place, if not to demonize black men and promote the image of us as inherently criminal and violent and incapable of being educated. 

This coupled with the recent realization that black women are the most educated group…

It seems like there is this always present “when is the ‘black community’ going to pull themselves up from the bootstraps” question that floats around everywhere I go. Yet on micro and macro levels black excellence and success is only growing exponentially with each year - despite racism, institutional barriers, lack of privilege, colorblind ideologies and rampant gentrification.

Now imagine the gains we’d be able to make if people were willing to have these conversations and actually think critically about our society and culture

(Source: owning-my-truth)




this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

This is so cringe worthy I’m surprised the secret American pregnant teenager didn’t bust out laughing

the hell is this?!

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How to Make a Svelte Smoothie


Don’t feel like the gym? Let this flowchart help.

Don’t feel like the gym? Let this flowchart help.

I don't hold a degree in nutrition, fitness or kinesiology, nor am I am specialist in those fields. I am simply track and field varsity athlete who wishes to share her inspiration with you so that you will treasure and believe in yourself. My hope is that my words and the affirmations I have included will help empower you to reach for your dreams, even in difficult times. With action, anything in life is possible!

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Criminology Student (Major)
Minoring in Social science of Health
I LOVE running
Ice Wine
Quotes Addict - Infographics Maniac
2016 Olympics Hopeful (100 m dash)
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